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We like to sell bulls.

But our focus is to develop and maintain functional productive cows and put high quality beef into our branded beef program. By taking our primary focus off raising bulls, and putting it into maternal and carcass, we have found we raise better bulls. 

Our cows must have good dispositions, udders, and feet.  They have to breed back and have calves on their own.  Our carcasses must have pounds, red meat yield, and eat well.

Our bull calves, which are full sibs to our replacement females and branded beef steers,by default have all the value added traits as their heifer and steer sibs. 

And when we send our bulls on to Green Springs Bull Test and they meet criteria for Feed Efficiency, Average Daily Gain, Marbling, and Ribeye, then we really have something to offer our customers in our bulls.

If you have similar goals as us, you will like buying our bulls.

Contact Information

  Mark Nelson
Hastings and Norfolk, NE
  402-705-3907 cell




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